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Tafsiyr Ya Imaam As-Sa'dy: Enyi Mlioamini! Mmeandikiwa Swawm Kama Ilivyoandikwa Kwa Wale Ambao Wa

Who are we ???

Islamic Development Agency
Islamic Development Agency (IDA) is an organisation registered under the Trustees Incorporation Ordinance, Cap. 375, on 3rd December, 1993. The Board of Trustees is presently comprised of six members including Political Scientist, Clinical Physicologist, Professional Accountant, Economist, Finance Expert and Career Islamic Scholar.
IDA's Objectives
Promoting Islamic religion based on Quran and Sunna, Promotion of social services to the humanity, Promotion of education (both religious and secular) that will make the human being a better servant of the almighty Allah, Fostering better understanding among the different groups and peoples and Promotion of economic development among the people and the nation

Women Chapters

The Women Chapter was established in September 2017 by participants of yearly girls retreats organised by the Islamic Development Agency. IDA-Women Chapter is dedicated solely to solving contemporary issues facing women especially youths.
IDA-Women Chapter consists of 8 leaders including a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 heads of departments as shown in the below organisation chart. The group is guided by an advisory team which consists of 6 members of various professionals Readmore

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